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"Invaluable Life Skills & A Supportive Environment"


Both Meredith & Hannah have been dancing with Roberts Academy of Dance since Juliette started her business.

It has been amazing not only to see the physical dance skills they have learned and beautifully performed over time, but also to see the supportive and positive environment they are exposed to every class by both coaches and dancers. Juliette and her team work hard to create a fun and creative dance studio and for that we are grateful to be a part of!


 - Meredith, Hannah, Ashley & Brodie Craswell

"Juliette and her team at Roberts Academy of Dance show great passion and love for music and dance, which spills over into every student lucky enough to learn from her!  My daughter has been pushed and challenged to be her best, all while having a great time! Thanks RAD"





Joining the RAD family has been one of the most amazing experiences EVER!! I signed my two young girls up with RAD to learn to dance. I had no idea this would quickly evolve into a new family for all of us!! I honestly cannot put into words the impact the RAD community has had on my girls. They have gained so much confidence, skill, friendships and determination in 3 very short years. Juliette is 1000% dedicated to her RAD family and her enthusiasm for showing up for these kids BLOWS my mind! She is SO passionate about what she does and puts her entire heart and soul into every decision she makes. My girls ADORE her! So thankful for the opportunity to be part of this family and can't wait to see what next year has in store!! GREAT things are happening at RAD! 

 - Rachel

"Juliette has taught all of our children and lifted them up from complete beginners to dancing, smiling together, in front of a crowd of hundreds!  Juliette is smart, fun, and energetic.  Seeing our children having fun, dancing together is such a gift.  Thanks Juliette! 


- The Lairds :)

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